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June 2011

Tacos Al Pastor

by Karen June 30, 2011
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I consider al pastor tacos one of my favorite tacos; always there to satisfy at 2 am off a truck and is blow-your-mind-good freshly sliced off the trompo, a vertical rotisserie al pastor is traditionally cooked on.  And then there's the one I had in Guanajuato that shattered my taco world.  The geniuses there melted […]

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by Karen June 27, 2011
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Much of the food we eat today is derived from recipes that were developed before modern food preservation conveniences were available to us.  Human innovation created clever and coincidently delicious techniques to preserve meat during pre-refrigeration days.  Gravlax is a classic Scandinavian example of this concept (grav meaning “grave” and lax meaning “salmon”).  During the Middle Ages, […]

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Photo Friday

by Karen June 24, 2011
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(Image from Globetrotter Diaries) how to get your girlfriend back zp8497586rq

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A Beginner's Guide To Roasting A Whole Pig

by Karen June 20, 2011
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It all started like most of my conversations with people. One night I was at my friends Mike and Ofelia's house sitting around the kitchen chit-chatting about food. Mike, who has the job I only dream of (he's a chef), and I talked through the night about different methods of cooking a whole pig. Before […]

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Odd Eats: Durian, Forbidden Fruit

by Valerie June 17, 2011
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Well, our last Odd Eats experience with ambergris might have been distinct smelling but at least it was subtle. This week's Odd Eats is everything but! Durian is one of the naturally strongest smelling fruits I've ever come across. And apparently I'm not the only one who feels that way. In Singapore, it is actually […]

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Wordless Wednesday

by Karen June 15, 2011
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(Image from Globetrotter Diaries)

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Thai Green Mango Salad

by Karen June 13, 2011
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Summertime means mangoes and thankfully for a mango-lover like myself they're popping up all over the place. As you squeeze your way through a crate full of mangoes in search of that perfect give, make sure you don't pass up those rock hard green mangoes. Many cultures around the world make use of these under-ripened […]

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Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Breads)

by Karen June 7, 2011
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Cassava, also known as the yucca or manioc, is a tuber originally from South America and is a staple throughout most tropical places in the world.  This root is so versatile that it has been dubbed 'the bread of the tropics'  and is particularly important in many African countries where it is used in a […]

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