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by Karen August 15, 2011
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Any proper foodie, especially one with a food blog, would probably never admit to loving Ruffles chips as much as I do.  Generally, I'm not a junk food lover and really don't care for Ruffles on their own, but put a big bowl of mast-o-khiar or mast-e-mooseer (cucumber and mint yogurt and shallot yogurt, respectively) […]

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by Karen August 8, 2011
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Bibimbap is one of those dishes that makes that adage about eating with your eyes entirely true.  This classic Korean dish is a beautiful mélange of colorful fresh vegetables, a little bit of meat, and often topped with a bright runny fried egg and then mixed together with rice and deep red gochujang, a spicy […]

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Photo Friday

by Karen August 5, 2011
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how can i get my ex girlfriend back em>(Image from Globetrotter Diaries)

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Cool Down with Kulfi

by Karen July 25, 2011
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Amazing how scorching hot weather will determine what you eat for every meal, the goal being purely to cool your body down.  I've travelled to India a couple of times and luckily in the winter, however with the comfortable weather comes missing out on some great foods such as kulfi.  Kulfi is a type of […]

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Cherry Clafoutis

by Karen July 18, 2011
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The other day I asked what you would do with a bucket full of cherries and some of you suggested clafoutis, which is a simple and brilliant French dessert.  Clafoutis starts with a baking dish of cherries covered in a thin egg batter.  When baked, this batter turns velvety and flan-like.  Originating from the Limousin […]

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Za'atar: A Spice For Your Everyday

by Karen July 12, 2011
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I'm keeping it simple lately.  There's the excuse of moving into a new place, but really I think it's the summer heat that's slowing everything down.  It's times like these that I gladly partake in culinary cheating (more about this below) and that I have a jar of za'atar handy at all times.  Za'atar is […]

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Tacos Al Pastor

by Karen June 30, 2011
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I consider al pastor tacos one of my favorite tacos; always there to satisfy at 2 am off a truck and is blow-your-mind-good freshly sliced off the trompo, a vertical rotisserie al pastor is traditionally cooked on.  And then there's the one I had in Guanajuato that shattered my taco world.  The geniuses there melted […]

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by Karen June 27, 2011
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Much of the food we eat today is derived from recipes that were developed before modern food preservation conveniences were available to us.  Human innovation created clever and coincidently delicious techniques to preserve meat during pre-refrigeration days.  Gravlax is a classic Scandinavian example of this concept (grav meaning “grave” and lax meaning “salmon”).  During the Middle Ages, […]

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A Beginner's Guide To Roasting A Whole Pig

by Karen June 20, 2011
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It all started like most of my conversations with people. One night I was at my friends Mike and Ofelia's house sitting around the kitchen chit-chatting about food. Mike, who has the job I only dream of (he's a chef), and I talked through the night about different methods of cooking a whole pig. Before […]

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