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Baumkuchen (German Tree Cake): A Labor of Love

by Karen January 4, 2012
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As a food blogger, I'm constantly bombarded by food recipes and photos at an attention-deficit inducing rate.  This has resulted in probably the largest, most disorderly bookmark folder known to man, and most of which I'll probably never get to given the limitations of the human stomach.  So, when I make it a priority to […]

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Time For Panzanella

by Karen September 19, 2011
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One month into my first year in law school and as I had anticipated time is not on my side.  So when I had a window of opportunity this weekend to do something beside studying or sleeping, I gave my knives a little food lovin’ and made some panzanella, my knives are brand new, they […]

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by Karen June 27, 2011
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Much of the food we eat today is derived from recipes that were developed before modern food preservation conveniences were available to us.  Human innovation created clever and coincidently delicious techniques to preserve meat during pre-refrigeration days.  Gravlax is a classic Scandinavian example of this concept (grav meaning “grave” and lax meaning “salmon”).  During the Middle Ages, […]

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Ragù alla Bolognese: The Start of a Quest

by Karen April 15, 2011
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I feel like for a classic such as ragù alla bolognese (bolognese sauce) this post should start with an inspired story of my first authentic plate of bolognese. Bolognese, as the name suggests, originates from Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna, a northern region of Italy that is home to rich soulful Italian foods like hearty ragus, […]

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Guest Post: Serbian Stuffed Peppers

by Karen April 4, 2011
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Please welcome Lana from Bibberche, an incredible food blogger whose writing beautifully intertwines personal stories with food.  This guest post is unique because Lana and I had the opportunity to take advantage of proximity and cook together– quite possibly the best way to share food. buy papers for college online I have never written a […]

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Irish Brown Soda Bread

by Karen March 14, 2011
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Despite the popularity of Saint Patrick's Day around the world, few of us really know the origins of this Irish holiday.  For Americans, March 17th seems to be a day that commemorates leprechauns, shamrocks, heavy drinking and creative uses of green dye (did you know the Chicago River is dyed green each year for the celebration?!). […]

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Shaved Fennel with Blood Oranges and Pecorino

by Karen February 22, 2011
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Yup, we’re in it. The lull that feels like it’s been winter for too long and the sunny days of summer are too far away. And who knows if it’s the weather that affects us, but our habits get us into a rut. The same routine starts getting old and we begin to go through […]

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Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette)

by Karen January 28, 2011
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As an Angeleno, I've always thought of a tortilla as a canvas for all kinds of Mexican ingredients and foods.  It wasn't until recently that I discovered a tortilla in Spain was something entirely different.  A tortilla española is a sort of omelette typically made with potatoes and onions but can include anything from peppers […]

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Pesce al Sale (Fish Baked in Salt Crust) Recipe

by Karen January 14, 2011
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Some things in life need to be enjoyed in their simplest form. Fish baked in a salt crust is a perfect example of this. It's stupidly simple but absolutely brilliant. The salt encloses the fish completely, flavoring the fish and sealing in the moisture, making the flesh succulent. cheap antivirus software I have pretty strong […]

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