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Time For Panzanella

by Karen September 19, 2011
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One month into my first year in law school and as I had anticipated time is not on my side.  So when I had a window of opportunity this weekend to do something beside studying or sleeping, I gave my knives a little food lovin’ and made some panzanella, my knives are brand new, they […]

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by Karen August 8, 2011
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Bibimbap is one of those dishes that makes that adage about eating with your eyes entirely true.  This classic Korean dish is a beautiful mélange of colorful fresh vegetables, a little bit of meat, and often topped with a bright runny fried egg and then mixed together with rice and deep red gochujang, a spicy […]

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Tacos Al Pastor

by Karen June 30, 2011
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I consider al pastor tacos one of my favorite tacos; always there to satisfy at 2 am off a truck and is blow-your-mind-good freshly sliced off the trompo, a vertical rotisserie al pastor is traditionally cooked on.  And then there's the one I had in Guanajuato that shattered my taco world.  The geniuses there melted […]

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From the Other China: Uighur Lamb Kebabs

by Karen May 18, 2011
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Last week I made a very common Chinese dish, Chinese tea eggs. However, when we speak of Chinese food we're typically referring to the food of Han Chinese, which is an ethnic group that makes up about 92% of China's population. But at a population of 1.3 billion people, the seemingly meager 8% constitutes a […]

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Some Like It Hot: Shrimp in Aguachile

by Karen April 29, 2011
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For those that understand a little Spanish, you know that this dish is HOT.  Camarones en aguachile is a Mexican ceviche where raw shrimp is marinated in a chile-lime juice mixture, or aguachile (“chile water”).  Like most ceviches it is prepared with few ingredients and uses the magic of acid to “cook” the protein. how […]

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Ragù alla Bolognese: The Start of a Quest

by Karen April 15, 2011
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I feel like for a classic such as ragù alla bolognese (bolognese sauce) this post should start with an inspired story of my first authentic plate of bolognese. Bolognese, as the name suggests, originates from Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna, a northern region of Italy that is home to rich soulful Italian foods like hearty ragus, […]

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Guest Post: Serbian Stuffed Peppers

by Karen April 4, 2011
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Please welcome Lana from Bibberche, an incredible food blogger whose writing beautifully intertwines personal stories with food.  This guest post is unique because Lana and I had the opportunity to take advantage of proximity and cook together– quite possibly the best way to share food. buy papers for college online I have never written a […]

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by Karen March 28, 2011
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The other day, my sister and I were quizzing each other on our knowledge of internet shorthand after she told me she had just found out what TTYL meant. After poking fun at each other's lack of lingo-savviness, I realized that our vocabulary was slowly being taken over by a slew of convenient acronyms– well […]

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Sabzi Polo Mahi (Herbed Rice and Fish) for the Persian New Year

by Karen March 21, 2011
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Another season is upon us and with it a new year. Nowruz (Persian New Year) marks the first day in the Iranian calendar and the start of spring. Quite appropriately, the celebration of this holiday is filled with symbols of renewal and life. Sabzi polo mahi, a dish traditionally eaten on this day, is infused […]

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