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by Karen August 15, 2011
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Any proper foodie, especially one with a food blog, would probably never admit to loving Ruffles chips as much as I do.  Generally, I'm not a junk food lover and really don't care for Ruffles on their own, but put a big bowl of mast-o-khiar or mast-e-mooseer (cucumber and mint yogurt and shallot yogurt, respectively) […]

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Za'atar: A Spice For Your Everyday

by Karen July 12, 2011
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I'm keeping it simple lately.  There's the excuse of moving into a new place, but really I think it's the summer heat that's slowing everything down.  It's times like these that I gladly partake in culinary cheating (more about this below) and that I have a jar of za'atar handy at all times.  Za'atar is […]

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by Karen May 31, 2011
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Shakshuka. Try saying that five times as fast as you can!  The name is quite the mouthful, but the dish is a simple and brilliant concept.  Shakshuka is eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce.  When I first saw this classic Israeli dish, I knew I had to make it.  If you've been following this […]

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Moroccan Chicken Tagine With Preserved Lemons

by Karen May 5, 2011
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There are few dishes as beautiful and unique as a Moroccan tagine.  It's a mélange of seemingly disparate spices and ingredients like saffron, dried fruit, ginger, olives, and preserved lemons.  But these flavors blend harmoniously and reflect Morocco's history as a crossroads between the Middle East, Africa and Europe.  Tagine is a method of slow-cooking […]

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Moroccan Preserved Lemons

by Karen May 3, 2011
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I absolutely love lemons.  I find myself grating lemon zest into anything I can and even sucking on lemon wedges with a little salt.  Yes, I'm that crazy about lemons.  This versatile and beautiful fruit likely originated in northwestern India as a two-step hybrid fruit, first between a citron and lime.  Later this citron-lime fruit […]

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Baba Ghanoush

by Karen April 11, 2011
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Almost everyone is familiar with baba ghanoush. The less popular and frankly– uglier cousin of hummus (although not as obscure as this cousin) is traditional starter throughout certain parts of the Middle East and the Levant, with each region having its own spin on the eggplant spread.  While hummus enjoys popularity in home kitchens (largely […]

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Sabzi Polo Mahi (Herbed Rice and Fish) for the Persian New Year

by Karen March 21, 2011
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Another season is upon us and with it a new year. Nowruz (Persian New Year) marks the first day in the Iranian calendar and the start of spring. Quite appropriately, the celebration of this holiday is filled with symbols of renewal and life. Sabzi polo mahi, a dish traditionally eaten on this day, is infused […]

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Memories From Armenia & An Armenian Recipe: Manti

by Karen January 17, 2011
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Welcome my good friend Ani, whose contagious passion for her heritage got me in the kitchen learning about new cuisine! When Karen expressed interest in making an Armenian dish for Globetrotter Diaries, I was eager to share with her the culture, history, personal anecdotes and of course, my grandmother's recipe for manti, a sort of […]

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Muhammara (Red Pepper and Walnut Spread): Eating Aleppo, Syria

by Karen November 12, 2010
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Muhammara means “reddened” in Arabic and practically everything that goes into this healthy and easy spread is red.  I make mine with fresh roasted bell peppers, but you can take a short cut and use jarred roasted bell peppers (although it’s not quite the same). – 3 red bell peppers (or substitute with a jar […]

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