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Time For Panzanella

by Karen September 19, 2011
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One month into my first year in law school and as I had anticipated time is not on my side.  So when I had a window of opportunity this weekend to do something beside studying or sleeping, I gave my knives a little food lovin’ and made some panzanella, my knives are brand new, they […]

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Thai Green Mango Salad

by Karen June 13, 2011
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Summertime means mangoes and thankfully for a mango-lover like myself they're popping up all over the place. As you squeeze your way through a crate full of mangoes in search of that perfect give, make sure you don't pass up those rock hard green mangoes. Many cultures around the world make use of these under-ripened […]

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From the Other China: Xinjiang Oasis Salad

by Karen May 18, 2011
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This is a perfect summertime salad inspired by the hot and dry summers in the Xinjiang province of China.  It reminds me of a shirazi salad, which isn't surprising given Xinjiang's location along the Silk Road.  The dressing for this salad is a simple mixture of fresh herbs and some salt.  Enjoy this cooling salad […]

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Shaved Fennel with Blood Oranges and Pecorino

by Karen February 22, 2011
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Yup, we’re in it. The lull that feels like it’s been winter for too long and the sunny days of summer are too far away. And who knows if it’s the weather that affects us, but our habits get us into a rut. The same routine starts getting old and we begin to go through […]

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Caesar Salad: Eating Tijuana, Mexico in the 1920s

by Karen December 3, 2010
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How many times have you had a crappy Caesar salad with wilted romaine lettuce, thick oily dressing and stale croutons?  I've had this version one too many times.  A true Caesar salad should be made with crunchy and sweet romaine leaves (left whole) that are tossed in a light, tangy and velvety dressing.  Highlighted with […]

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Niçoise Salad: Eating Nice, France

by Karen July 30, 2010
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In France and the US there are hundreds of variations of the niçoise salad that depart from the traditional preparation, some with successful and some with not-so-successful results (I've had more of the latter unfortunately).  But like I said, you can do what you want with this salad, adding, omitting or swapping ingredients to your […]

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