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Odd Eats: Nattō

by Valerie August 31, 2011
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Folks, it's time for another edition of Odd Eats and this time, I'm taking it personally. That is, this time we're trying a Japanese dish and I'm half-Japanese so I better like it. Nattō is a popular Japanese food consisting of fermented soy beans. Its origins date back hundreds if not thousands of years and […]

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Cherry Pickin'

by Karen July 5, 2011
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Cherry season is in full swing and a friend invited me to go cherry picking over the weekend, which luckily was the last day of the season! There were Bings… An abundance of Rainiers… how to get my ex back So, what would you do with a bucket full of sweet cherries? zp8497586rq

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What Is A Molinillo?

by Karen February 9, 2011
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a) A device to remove moles b) An ancient Mayan torture device c) A Mexican hot chocolate stirrer If you guessed “C” you are correct (and savvy to the fact that this is a food blog).  This wooden Mexican “whisk” is used to froth Mexican drinks like champurrado and hot chocolate making it foamy and […]

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Churros, Chocolate and Love in Mexico

by Karen February 7, 2011
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A year ago this week, our family had the ultimate Valentine's Day celebration: my sister's gorgeous wedding in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, one of the most romantic places in the world. Like the commercials say, San Miguel de Allende is likely not the Mexico you thought you knew.  No turquoise waters, no margaritas on […]

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Whistle While You Work

by Valerie January 12, 2011
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When Karen and I cook, we have fun. I mean, we wouldn't have started this blog if we weren't in it to enjoy it, but when the day comes to actually cook a dish, we seriously have fun. We choose certain dishes specifically to explore a new culture or cuisine to begin with, so the […]

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Masala Dosa (Potato Stuffed Indian Crepe): Visiting India

by Karen January 3, 2011
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This week we'll be approaching Globetrotter Diaries' 100th post (my god, that's a lot of writing and a lot of food)!  I started the blog's culinary journey to India for many reasons and that's where I'll come full circle on the 100th post.  And in the spirit of preparing for this small milestone, I went […]

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The Tradition of Mochi Making

by Valerie December 29, 2010

Since Karen and I are making mochi this week, I thought it'd be nice to take a look at the tradition of mochi making in Japan. Mochi is made from steamed sweet rice that is then processed in a unique and highly labor intensive way. My mom always told me that in the day when […]

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Daifuku Mochi (Sweet Rice Cake): Visiting Japan

by Valerie December 27, 2010
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With 2011 just around the corner, I know what I’m looking forward to this time of year: the Japanese New Year, or shogatsu, celebration I’ll be having with my family from early morning to late night on the first of January. english research paper As a young child, I remember getting up at the crack […]

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Hong Shao Niu Wei (Braised Oxtail): Visiting China

by Karen December 20, 2010
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This week we're getting a taste of my home for the holidays.  Cold and drizzly winter nights are perfect for braised meats in all their stew-like glory.  And for me, the ultimate in home and comfort is my mom's hong shao niu wei, or braised oxtail.  I always ask my mom to make this when […]

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